Sunday, October 5, 2014

An Afternoon on State Route 150

 The girls wanted to go for a fall drive so we loaded up and headed for State Route 150, also known as Mirror Lake Hwy. 
What a beautiful day! Clear blue skies. There was patchy snow in areas but it was fairly warm. 

Mirror Lake Hwy. stretches from Kamas, UT to Evanston, WY.
 There are more bear sightings over in that area than here. Like here there are moose, cougars, deer and elk. 

We had a wonderful day taking in the scenery and just spending time together! 

We stopped at Samak Country Store for some turkey and beef jerky.

Love the bright red!

This was on Upper Setting Rd. The top of this tree broke and got caught in the branches.

Heather in her polka dotted rain boots :)

This was off the Soapstone Basin Rd. ~ it's a birds nest.

Bear Country

Provo Falls

Trial Lake ~ DJ & Dani watching a man fly fish.

Overlook at Bald Mountain Pass


Dani taking pictures at the overlook. She preferred to stay back from the edge :)

Hayden's Peak in the distance. It sits at 12,479 ft. ~  Moosehorn Lake

We stopped and hiked Ruth Lake Trail. This was along the trail.

We thought this was Ruth Lake but the GPS said not quite yet.

It's a beautiful trail!

This is Ruth Lake sitting at 10,500 ft.

We stayed here for a while. It was so quiet and pretty except for when Dani did her "bird calls"! They echoed off the rock walls :)

We looked for moose all day but it wasn't until we were on the outskirts of Evanston that we saw them. Four of them!

Cow and 2 calves. Dani spotted the bull but DJ thought it was a statue until it moved. We turned down this quiet street to check them out. Momma looked at us then went right back to eating.

That bull looks like a metal cutout.

We watched him for signs of aggravation but he only appeared curious. I'm zoomed in ~ he looked at us for a minute then turned around and wandered off to check a car out.

He's a smaller bull but you can see the damage that he would do if he met this car on a road.

The bull then wandered off to hang out with the cow and calves.

Well, momma's ears are down so it's time to go!

One more quick shot of the bull ~ a bit blurry but he's a handsome feller :)
I'm fascinated with moose. I'd never seen one in the wild until we moved here 15 years ago. There are a little over 4,00 here in Utah.

We had a really fun day together. I tried to treasure each moment as I know snow is just around the corner, especially in the high mountains.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ben's High School Graduation

Back tracking again :)

This time we go back to May when Ben graduated from high school as a junior.
 At the end of his sophmore year he asked if we were ok with him graduating a year early. We questioned him on his intentions and goals and then said "If you can make it happen then go for it". 

 He went to our local ATC (Applied Technology College) that summer and got the extra credits he would need to graduate. 
We are proud of him for working hard and accomplishing his goal!

Ben, Stirling & Gayan ~ Two of his closest friends.

Family picture on graduation day ~ Both of our parents and DJ's sister and her husband were here.

A little click of the heels to show his happiness :)

Ogden Tigers

Lined up and ready to get his diploma.

Such a proud moment!

Reading his graduation cards.

I just had to share these next few pictures! Ha, Ha......My dear family. They hate getting our family picture. We usually end up with some good ones but this is the road we have to travel to get one or two good ones! What you don't see is the smoke coming out of my head because I'm so exasperated with these lovely people. Seriously. Our mom's were sitting over on the side lines laughing at this whole process. Ben's look is classic. It makes me laugh now.

Seriously people, we aren't getting anywhere....

I'm laughing so much now as I look at these. Purely comical.

Wow, really?

Ok, that's a's useless. I am hiring a professional photographer at Christmas time. I've already laid that law down. No if's and's or but's!!

Dani and Nancy (her godmother)

The day before Ben's Open House we went up to Pineview Reservoir for dinner at the campground.

DJ and his sister, Nancy.

Ben and his Grandma Vetter

The kids got into the water for a little while.

Having a chat with Grandpa Vetter.

Ben's Open House

What a great group of guys! Ogden High's drama department lost a lot of talent when all of these guys graduated. It was so much fun watching them over the last few years. Ok, it chokes me up a bit to look at that picture.
Nick, Stirling, Cole (back - he graduated a year before Ben but stayed very supportive of these guys), Ben and Aaron.

Ben and Tyler ~ They've been friends since they started playing soccer together in the 2nd grade. It's hard to believe that 4 months have already gone by since Ben graduated. I love that kid and am so happy I'm his mom :)