Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ben's High School Graduation

Back tracking again :)

This time we go back to May when Ben graduated from high school as a junior.
 At the end of his sophmore year he asked if we were ok with him graduating a year early. We questioned him on his intentions and goals and then said "If you can make it happen then go for it". 

 He went to our local ATC (Applied Technology College) that summer and got the extra credits he would need to graduate. 
We are proud of him for working hard and accomplishing his goal!

Ben, Stirling & Gayan ~ Two of his closest friends.

Family picture on graduation day ~ Both of our parents and DJ's sister and her husband were here.

A little click of the heels to show his happiness :)

Ogden Tigers

Lined up and ready to get his diploma.

Such a proud moment!

Reading his graduation cards.

I just had to share these next few pictures! Ha, Ha......My dear family. They hate getting our family picture. We usually end up with some good ones but this is the road we have to travel to get one or two good ones! What you don't see is the smoke coming out of my head because I'm so exasperated with these lovely people. Seriously. Our mom's were sitting over on the side lines laughing at this whole process. Ben's look is classic. It makes me laugh now.

Seriously people, we aren't getting anywhere....

I'm laughing so much now as I look at these. Purely comical.

Wow, really?

Ok, that's a wrap....it's useless. I am hiring a professional photographer at Christmas time. I've already laid that law down. No if's and's or but's!!

Dani and Nancy (her godmother)

The day before Ben's Open House we went up to Pineview Reservoir for dinner at the campground.

DJ and his sister, Nancy.

Ben and his Grandma Vetter

The kids got into the water for a little while.

Having a chat with Grandpa Vetter.

Ben's Open House

What a great group of guys! Ogden High's drama department lost a lot of talent when all of these guys graduated. It was so much fun watching them over the last few years. Ok, it chokes me up a bit to look at that picture.
Nick, Stirling, Cole (back - he graduated a year before Ben but stayed very supportive of these guys), Ben and Aaron.

Ben and Tyler ~ They've been friends since they started playing soccer together in the 2nd grade. It's hard to believe that 4 months have already gone by since Ben graduated. I love that kid and am so happy I'm his mom :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

A Day On The River

This past spring DJ and our friend, Woody, went fly fishing just about every Thursday.
Woody's been fishing his whole life and DJ's just beginning.
One day I went with them so I could take some pictures.We headed to the Provo River. 
The weather was perfect and it was wonderful to get out after a long, bleak winter.

 These two have formed quite a friendship. They both come across a bit gruff at times but have hearts of gold.

Provo River in April

He makes a good looking fisherman :)

Busy Beavers


I took this from the bridge.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

7th Annual Fall Drive with the Ladies

Monday was the 7th year I've taken friends on a fall drive here in Northern Utah.
 The colors here, like so many other places, are spectacular.
 We are at the tail end of seeing them in their prime.
 We left my house about 9am and got back around 10pm. Yes, we had that much fun :)
Monte Cristo Campground - we put out a campfire someone had left smoldering with little flames flaring up. People can be so careless. We made Smokey the Bear proud!

Curtis Creek Road (#59) - we didn't get rained on but the clouds were dark.

My favorite is when evergreens are mixed in with fall colors. Love the contrast!



I never get tired of looking at these mountains :) This is still Curtis Creek Road.


Myself, LaDawn, Laura, Erin, Kelly and Sheila - lots of laughs with this group! This is at Hyrum City Park.

Celebrating Kelly's birthday.

Curtis Creek Road - these horses belong to one of the sheep herders.


Each one of these ladies brings something unique to our group and I'm grateful to have them in my life!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Heather's Graduation

This is another catch up blog post.

Heather graduated from college this past March. 
We are so proud of her. She is now a licensed massage therapist and loves her work. She put a lot of time and effort in to get there but she did it! 
She received Graduate of the Quarter and was asked to speak at graduation. 
I know God will use her in many wonderful ways to help people.
 I love her compassionate heart.

Ben & Heather

Me, Heather & DJ


Heather and one of her best friends, Hannah.

Family ~ each moment together is such a gift!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Murdock Basin

Yesterday, DJ and I, along with our friend Woody, headed to Mirror Lake Hwy. in the Uintahs. Our destination was Murdock Basin. It is one of Woody's favorite areas and he wanted to show us some different spots.
 What a beautiful area! We were between 9100ft. and 10,000 ft elevation all day. 
The air was so clean and fresh. The views were amazing!!
We picked Woody up at 6am and got home at 9pm. It was a long day but worth every bumpy bit of it. We put 21 miles on the ATV's and dealt with rocky roads all day long. The majority of them looked like dried up river beds.

DJ and I in the parking area before we hit the roads.

Murdock Basin Falls ~ We headed down to the Duchesne River first and Woody showed us this beautiful waterfall in that area.


Woody and DJ

This is usually very full of water.

Murdock Basin Falls is in that shadow.

Woody was trying to call elk down. He has lived in Northern Utah most of his life. If you want to know a good hunting spot or find a good fishing hole he can tell you.

This is usually full too.

Reflection of trees in the water.


The beginning of the Duchesne Tunnel. It is 6 miles long and carries water from the Duchesne River to the Provo River.

I'm fascinated with simple, white buildings out in nature and Utah has a few of them.

I'm not sure what this building is or was used for. The outhouse across the road needs a little TLC.

We parked close to the Duchesne River for a little while so the guys could fly fish.

Pretty Butterfly

Woody said the water usually covers most of those rocks.

This is climbing back up from the Duchesne River to the main road.

This is my new favorite place in Utah! Marshall Lake. I fell in love! I told DJ "Let's build a cabin and not go back home!" He agreed but somehow we ended up going home at the end of the day :)

No matter which way you looked it was all so breathtakingly beautiful.

I could sit and look at this view all day :)

Massive Rock

Nope, it hasn't got old yet. Love the reflection of the clouds in the water.


DJ trying one more time to get a bite on his line. No such luck.


The road leading out of Marshall Lake. This one had a lot of packed dirt with the rock. Most of the roads were all rock. What a wonderful day spent with two great guys!