Friday, February 13, 2015

A Walk Under Beautiful Blue Skies

 We've had such a mild winter so far. Our highs have been in the 50's and low 60's quite a bit in the past month. This past weekend we took the dogs up to Pineview Reservoir and let them run on the beach. 
They were so happy! 
There is still a layer of ice on much of the water but that didn't keep the boys from running in the water :)


Koda, DJ and Max ~ The ice was such a pretty blue.


The boys running in a little swirl of fog.

It's very shallow where Koda is walking on the ice.

The sky was so blue and it was 60* ~ we wore tshirts. Not your average Utah February weather!


 More wisps of fog.

Reflection of trees.

My best friend :) I admire him so very much!

We also took the boys up to Old Snowbasin Rd. and walked a few miles. They love getting out in nature as much as we do!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weekend Get Away with my Girls

I had the opportunity this week to spend a couple of nights away with my girls.
We stayed up at Brighton ~ a charming ski resort area. Many of the buildings have a European flair which adds to the atmosphere in a wonderful way! 

The Manor which was next to us.

The parking lot our second night. Not a lot of snow yet.

I love the blue door and shutters.

Blue and pink.

Grooming the slopes.

We took a walk around Brighton loop ~ I love all the unique homes and colors.

My girls ~ I love spending time with them :)

Some of the homes had enclosed stairs leading from the garage to the house. Brilliant!

Even in the white of winter color and texture can be found.

I wanted to peek in the building in the background. I like the bluish green door :)

The road leading in and out of Brighton.

Hot pink

Relaxed ~ watching movies.

I love winter ~ watching it snow is always an amazing thing to me. Each snowflake is different.

The roof of our Studio.

The Studio we stayed in ~ it was perfect.

Outside our Studio.

Our last morning there we woke up to 10" of fresh powder!

The manager clearing the parking lot.
I took this picture for Ben :) I know he's excited to be home for Christmas and to go snowboarding! I can't wait for him to be home either!!  


This was our third year of doing a mother daughter weekend. I'm so proud of the young women my girls have become. I love our time together and I'm grateful to God for putting them both in my life!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Autumn ~ My Favorite Season :)

I love Autumn :) 
Now that we are in the last weeks of it I thought I better share a couple of pictures with you.
 I enjoy the coziness that this time of year provides. Warm colors and great temperatures.
 So, here are a few peeks around our house. 

October found us doing different chores around the house. Like cleaning gutters :)

Cleaning the inside and outside of windows is always fun! We also washed the sheers and put the drapes through the dryer to get some of the dust out.


We've also started riding our bicycles a few days a week. It's been perfect weather to do that! We'll see how long we can keep that up as it gets colder :)

I hope you are enjoying the last bits of fall weather wherever you are!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Woodsy Retreat

My book club ladies and I had the opportunity to get away overnight this week! 
One of the ladies, Kelly, generously offered us the use of her in laws cabin. 
We were all thrilled when we got there and saw where we would retreat from the world for a short bit of time!
 It was beautiful, quiet and relaxing.

Kelly's father in law built this cabin a few decades ago.

Laura, Erin and Deanna trying to find the spot where you might get cell service.



This is a short walk from the cabin. We sat here for a bit watching the deer.

Back and side of the cabin. Isn't it beautiful?

Outdoor fire pit ~ I started a fire in it in the morning and a few of us enjoyed it.

There's nothing as wonderful as being in the woods!

Watching the sun come up.

This big guy kept an eye on us :)

Back row: Kelly, Laura, Deanna, Erin           Front row: Sheila, LaDawn & me

This swing was SO much fun!!

Waiting their turn for the swing.





We stopped at Washington Lake on the way home to eat lunch and start planning a camping trip with our families next summer!
It was a get away to treasure :) Girlfriends are a gift!