Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Little Of This And That

Ben was in his school's musical again this year. 
They performed "110*  in the Shade". He played the part of a grumpy, rude brother ( he's a much better brother in real life! :). He did a fabulous job as always! The musical ran for 4 nights in the middle of November.

Both sets of grandparents and Dani were all able to be here for the musical. DJ's parents were here for a week. My parents and Dani were here for 3 days. It was so good to have Dani here and be able to hug her!
 I miss that girl of mine :)

We celebrated Thanksgiving early since they were all here.

 I love watching Ben ~ I guess I'm kinda partial :) just a little....

These 3 add lots of joy and laughter to my life!

My parents, DJ's parents, DJ, Dani, Ben, Heather & me

Dani and I snuck away for a little drive up to the Valley ~ Pineview Reservoir is so low. We sure need a lot of snow in the right places this year!

Christmas / Winter decorating ~ I've since added white lights to the greenery in the back.

Is this little guy cute or what? The girls bought him for me at Target. LOVE him :)

These skates belonged to my Aunt Ethel when she was 12 or so. She's now in her 70's. I've since added some ornaments in the middle of the bow for a little sparkle :)


In less than 3 weeks my parents and Dani will be back to spend Christmas week with us!

Our highs for the next week are low to mid 20's ~ brrrr.....that doesn't usually happen until January!

Stay warm wherever you are :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mirror Lake Scenic Byway

Last Sunday when Heather and I came home from Park City we took the longer scenic route :) 
Great idea Hoff!

 We followed the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway on over to Evanston, WY then home. It was SO beautiful. It's an hour and a half from our house. Rugged scenic country ~ pure eye candy. Good for the soul too :)

 I'll let the pictures speak for themselves~ 

This is not really a nudist ranch ~ just someone's sense of humor.













  Have a wonderful week!

Monday, October 7, 2013

2nd Annual Mother Daughter Weekend

This past weekend Heather and I had our 2nd annual mother daughter weekend get away.
We were sad that Dani wasn't here so next year we have to find a way for us all to do it together!

We left Thursday night after I got off work and came home yesterday afternoon. It was a great weekend!
We rented a studio condo in Park City for $65.00 a night,  taxes included.
We rented it through ~ You can find vacation rentals by owner all over the world. It's often cheaper than renting a hotel especially since you can cook and not have to eat all your meals out.
It was snowing on our way to Park City Thursday night and this is what we woke up to Friday morning :) We were both happy.
Our tiny dishwasher ~ It was about the size of our washer in Sicily!
St. Mary's Catholic Church
Heather ~ We took some time and wrote out personal goals for the next year. We are going to go out for coffee once a month to talk about how we are doing with our goals and encourage each other.
Homemade Potato Soup ~ Friday nights dinner. I forgot flour so we added some ricotta cheese and it made a yummy addition to the soup!
Our home away from home for 3 nights :)
Coffee drive thru
My sweet Hoff ~ It's hard to believe she's 21 already.

The bus system in Park City is great. It was a great way to get around and not have to worry about navigating small roads while trying to find a parking spot. It's free which makes it even better!

Park City is about an hour from our house and is a beautiful town. It's touristy (is that even a word?) and was home to a lot of the 2002 Winter Olympic events.
The weather was awesome and there weren't a lot of people.
I love all the colorful buildings!
We love Red Banjo Pizza
Inside Red Banjo Pizza
Heather's pizza
My ravioli and garlic bread
We found this coffee table in a really neat store/ gallery. That's all wood carving under the glass. Beautiful!
So many lovely things to look at.
The pillows and rugs are made out of the leather brand tags off the back of jeans. That's creative.
Christmas shops are always fun to browse!
We loved the Cowboy Shop :) The leather floor was really neat.
Burn Cowboy Shop.

We had  a wonderful afternoon browsing shops, enjoying the great weather and each others company. 

It's always nice to get away from schedules and the daily grind. 

God has blessed me with 2 amazing daughters. I am so proud of both of them and look forward to seeing where God leads them.